At Atlas Strength our mission is to help you achieve your personal goals, whether they be on the field, in the weight room, or just staying fit and healthy for everyday life. At Atlas we strive to break away from the current, flawed fitness model we see so prevalent in America.


3000 sq. foot facility


1st floor, Basement, Outside Turf area


Strength Training/MMA/conditioning

About Strength and Conditioning Coach Patrick Rice

BS in Kinesiology with a concentration in fitness development at the State University of Cortland
Competitive Powerlifter
Competitive Strongman athlete
Athlete for 20+ years
NSCA-PCT Certified Personal Trainer
Extensive research done in the exercise science field
First aid/CPR/AED certified

Patrick emphasizes on correcting posture as well as getting you in shape. Today’s society is filled with people with all kinds of joint pain coming from poor posture. Attention to detail and experience with mobility, flexibility, strength, conditioning, and functional movement allows him to help each client fix movement patterns and increase the strength and stability that will allow for health and lifelong activity. Whether it’s gearing up an athlete for the season or improving your overall health and mobility, Patrick has the education, experience, and motivation to help you achieve your goals and more. His passion is learning more about the field and educating others. He is very motivated to continue expanding his knowledge in the years to come. Patrick sees this as not a hobby, but a lifestyle.

We’re All about results

The atmosphere at Atlas can be very intense at times but also very mellow depending on the goals of each individual client and the type of training being performed.  Atlas provides top of the line strength and conditioning equipment to coach anyone. Coaching is based on research in the exercise science field and personal experience.  We truly care about our clients and the only requirement is willingness to learn and strong work ethic. Our gym is for somebody willing to put in the effort to change themselves. The results the average person may see…


Decreased body fat



Decreased aches and pain



Increased appearance of muscle tone



Improved quality of sleep



Improved quality of movement



Increased strength



Increased athletic performance



Improved mood



Improved energy levels



Reduction in medications needed for management of pain and/or diabetes, blood pressure...


Strength Training  Clients ⬇️

Weight Loss Before and Afters ⬇️




Private facility – No crowds



Personalized instruction and guidance


Expert Coaching

Expert coaching with a focus on proper technique and safety



Customized programming for each trainee



Basic nutrition counseling



Relaxed and supportive atmosphere where clients will get more fit and feel better

  The Atlas Environment

Where you workout is very important. The right atmosphere is vital for a gym to be successful in helping people reach their goals:
No attitude, no intimidation. Our members help each other out and work together
No stigma, all are welcome here regardless of their fitness level, age, gender, etc.
Respectful, conscientious and cooperative members – this is mandatory conduct
designed for beginners, but accommodates the most advanced

Anywhere from hardcore powerlifting/strongman group environment to a non intimidating 1 on 1 session with only you and the trainer. Coach who is very good listener and responds to client feedback well. Surrounds himself with people who want to learn, passionate about helping others and always trying to better himself.

Types of programs Include:

1 on 1/small group and class training for: Powerlifting training, strongman training, strength and conditioning for athletes, general weight loss and nutrition planning/advice, corrective exercise for postural deficiencies (neck, shoulder, back, and knee pain), general fitness training (CrossFit, circuit training, boot camp), MMA , wrestling, Prehabilitation of injury in the form of movement screens, stability and mobility exercises, plus more.

Open gym hours:  For strength athletes trying to better themselves in their sport.

Open gym Guidance:  For athletes who want personalized programming for strength training and nutrition without the the 1 on 1 coaching.

There are no long term contracts.  All memberships are on a month to month basis.

Our Equipment


Rogue Power rack


Assault Bike


Dumbbells up to 150




Battle ropes




Foam box jump boxes


Bumper plates




Full MMA area/variety of heavy bags


Reverse Hyperextension


Specialty barbells


Atlas stones


Farmers handles




Concept 2 rower


Sorinex Hurricane






Strongman Log

It’s not exercise. It’s training.

Exercise is random. It’s about doing whatever you feel like doing on a given day with no definite purpose other than getting sweaty and getting a “pump”. Training, on the other hand, has a clear goal and a carefully designed program to achieve that goal.The clients will learn how to train themselves. Our goal is to help you build a stronger, more efficient body through a simple, practical and results-driven approach to strength training. Our programs focus on a handful of basic barbell exercises designed to strengthen the entire body through the common movement patterns we use in our everyday lives. When we train, we aim to master these techniques, and then gradually make them harder. Each training session provides a stress to which the body is forced to adapt by growing stronger. Over time, this carefully managed cycle of stress, recovery and adaptation increases the work capacity of the entire body and rewards us with more muscle mass, bone density, less fat, better balance and coordination, and increased stamina and energy. This approach to strength training is fun, safe, challenging and ultimately fulfilling. It works for any person of any age and or experience level and is, without a doubt, the most effective and efficient way to improve the way you look, feel and move. Train hard but also smart.

Patrick uses scientific principles of exercise science, biomechanics, anatomy & physiology and theories of adaptation to ultimately get his clients fitter, faster and stronger.

Personal training with nobody but the athlete and coach. Atlas is a non intimidating environment for beginners. You will learn techniques to improve injury prevention and postural deficiencies A coach that will do anything to get his clients the results they are looking for if they are willing to work for it Programs designed to fit the needs of every individual member (assessment for coach to learn strengths, weaknesses, tightness etc.) Programs very general to very specific.

First Session Always complimentary!

At Atlas the workouts aren’t about getting you to just sweat but to teach you how and why what you do in the gym is helping you achieve your goals. We will teach you how to workout yourself, how to design your own workouts and the reasoning behind every exercise we do.

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Here’s what to Expect, regardless of skill level

Prepare to learn! The coach will take you through a personal assessment to gauge where your abilities are. Beginners will always start out slower than someone more experienced. The workout will teach you the basics of strength training and the core movements used to get you stronger and in better shape. The workout will allow you an opportunity to ask questions and understand how the exercises will benefit you. What happens during an Intro Session? The coach will go over personal goals, current workout regimen, previous injuries, the equipment used in the workouts and an overview of what the workouts will be like. The intro session is for the coach to assess certain strengths and weaknesses you may have in terms of mobility, flexibility, strength, posture, and overall athleticism. This will give the coach a starting point to program your future workouts. The first session will teach you the basics of strength training, proper breathing and bracing mechanics, etc.. You will also learn the core strength training movements such as the squat, the hip hinge or deadlift, and the press.


Is Atlas only for athletes?

No! Atlas is for anyone looking to get fitter, stronger and healthier.

Are you the only person training?

Yes, but we also offer small group training, yoga classes, kickboxing classes and MMA classes.

Can I try out a session?

Yes, we offer a free consultation.

Is this for me?

Yes. The needs of elite athletes and beginners differ by degree not kind.

How long is each personal training session?

30 or 60 minutes.

I'm really out of shape. Can I join?

Every exercise that we do in each session, whether it is part of the warm-up or the conditioning, is scaled to each individual. Your coach knows how to gauge each workout and exercise to the experience level of each person. We want everyone to go at their own pace and compete against themselves. We always want you improving, but we will never have you pushing through joint pain or forcing you to keep going when you are so exhausted that your form breaks down. You get better when you perform exercises correctly

I feel like I bulk up REALLY fast and I am scared to lift weights. Will your training make me bulky?

This is a very common fear many women have when they start doing resistance exercise. The truth is, for the vast MAJORITY of women, adding a significant amount of muscle is very difficult. Diet also plays a huge role. In order for most women to get the look they desire, they must gain some muscle to add curves in all the right places, and also lose body fat to show off the muscle they have gained. Most women would get closer to the look they desire if they put on muscle.

It looks like you do a lot of squats. I’ve heard they’re bad for you.

Not only is the squat foundational to athleticism but it is also one of the most functional movement humans can perform. Squatting has developed a reputation of being dangerous because of the bad form and terrible inflexibility and mobility. Properly performed squats and related movements will stabilize the knees, hips and back, not damage them and help prevent injury in the future. Avoiding movements your body was designed to perform is the best way to eventually get injured. The coach spends a great deal of time teaching our members proper form in all movements and constantly monitor performance to ensure safety and the best results.

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